Editeurs concernés

  • EJAMA Network,
  • Palgrave Macmillan,
  • American Physiological Society,
  • American Association for Cancer Research,
  • JLB,
  • LANDES Bioscience,
  • AGU,
  • SIAM,
  • Allen Press,
  • AAS,
  • American Heart Association,
  • Scrivener Publishing,
  • PNAS

Procédure pour récupérer le manuscrit auteur

1. Find your journal submission page. Log in.
2. Click on the post decision manuscript(s) option in the author task guide to access your manuscript(s).
3. Click the article you want to download from the list of your manuscripts you should see.
4. Download the “Merged file containing manuscript text and display items”, which should be at the top of the new page in a list of files.