Open Access & Horizon 2020 Projects

Research outputs from projects funded by EU Horizon 2020 grants must be made open access.
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Open access mandate

Open access to scientific publications is now mandatory for all scientific publications resulting from EU H2020 funded projects. Failure to comply with the H2020 policy may result in a reduction of the grant.

IMPORTANT! H2020 policy does not require you to pay open access fees to publish your research! Just make sure to deposit the accepted manuscript in our HAL open access repository and set a 6-month embargo, in compliance with both H2020 policy and the French Digital Law.

A two step process

The information and instructions on this page are provided to help beneficiaries fulfill the EC requirements.

Rennes 1 EU Projects

  • Assistance with grant applications for H2020:
  • Negotiation and follow-up of EU projects: Ms Yolaine Bompays
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